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Why I want to make documentary

My short essay for NYFA application

by Hong Wu|克林 @hongwuxyz


Please write below a short essay (one paragraph or more, not to exceed three pages) detailing why you would like to attend the New York Film Academy.

To those who may concern:

the fame of NYFA is out there, no need to elaborate.

I would like to share my personal reasons why I want to attend and be part of NYFA. NYFA is a place, an academy which I consider, that I could equip myself with the tools, vehicles and methodologies to record the history of myself, my surroundings and my interactions.

Last 3 years of the pandemic, wars, economy crisis happening globally, as a survivor, I deeply appreciate the help, the support from the people around me, esp in the moment that I personally facing crisis. Thus, I start documenting, in a very raw, unpolished way but trying to be true, pure and objective as much as possible.

Of course, you cannot deny the dark side or the negative part of the world, happenings, which sadly many times, those get amplified, which gets me even recognizing that, the fact, the truth and the objectiveness matters even more.

Particularly, I came to understand that the documentary film making requires systematic learning, not just from the book, but also interacting with people, great people, great people like to tell story, good at telling story, recording history and sharing the story.

This is the reason I chose NYFA in a short written format.

Thanks for considering my application,


Last update: December 30, 2022